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Rapid technological developments drastically changed the way we consume TV content. Today, digital viewing enables skipping commercials, challenging marketers to rethink of more effective ways to engage their viewers

Inside specializes in making branded content – TV series and short form series for digital media

We engage the viewers by telling the brand's unique story using its content environment, its sound and look & feel

We manage the process of creating, developing, and producing content as well as planning the media campaign to make sure you reach your target audience, dramatically improving digital media conversion rates

Every story needs a hero. We, at Inside, believe your brand is the hero


Ori Goldberg

The company was founded in 2010 by Ori Goldberg, one of the pioneers of content marketing and branded content in Israel. Ori also has varied experience in commercial television productions and in recent years he was involved developing and branding some of the major television formats. 
Previously Ori Goldberg was the director of content marketing and branded content at Reshet Channel 2

Lia Lachmi

Lia Lachmi joined " Inside" since the company was established in 2010 as a director of content.
In 2013 Lia became also a partner in the company. 
In addition, Lia owns a school which specialized in development of formats for television.
Lia previously conducted and directed programs for Channel 10,
Channel 1, Channel 24 Hot and Yes

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